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There is a mystery in the design of the gravure manuscript, a
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[introduction] simply, intaglio manuscripts do not know to pursue aesthetic, artistic, and more important is to facilitate the printing of intaglio, save the cost of printing. There is a trick to do this.


1. Shallow network deepened

In gravure printing layout design, if there is red and blue, red and yellow and blue overprint overprint red, black or blue black overprint overprint red and Huang Taoyin, including the dark dot is less than 25%, preferably in the plate making time to deepen the overall 3% ~ 5%, for the first time in print can be used when the roll will deepen the ink with the diluting agent diluted in the premise of the same hue can guarantee there will be a "shallow dot stencil" phenomenon, in the printing industry is also called "dry version".

2. Dirty Edition

In gravure printing layout design, it should be noted that if there is a large area of white bedding, white space along the direction before and after scraping version is best not to design special shallow blue, black, red, hanging, or at the time of printing will be "white with dirty" phenomenon, in the printing industry is also called "scraping net".

3. The precision of overprint

Intaglio printing overprint accuracy can only reach 0.2mm, therefore, strokes and less than 0.4mm of text and graphics (especially text) can not be printed by multi-color overlay, and can only be printed with single ink, otherwise it will easily cause the phenomenon of double image.

Small print and patterns should be used for hollowing and printing. They should be single colored hollowed, not suitable for multicolor stacked hollowed printing, but not directly printed with the background of the photos. For small texts and patterns, it is not appropriate to use text patterns and hollowed out overprint. Attention should be paid to the size of the text and the thickness of the strokes. Too small words and too fine strokes may not be printed, often there is a print fault or even a pen that is short of pen. Too small words, if the strokes are too much too dense and the lines are too thick or too deep, it is very easy to "paste" the phenomenon. The transfer performance of intaglio printing is less than that of plate printing. There is a problem of blocking the plate. In general, it should be avoided as far as 10% of the dots are used as far as possible. In particular, large area of the bottom color should avoid too shallow points, otherwise its network reproduction is not good, easy to cause color uneven, changeable color. Even at the beginning of the printed out, but because too shallow easily in the printing process due to the roll wear, and the influence of hue, the printing print is low. Special color printing is recommended for large area light color.


When a text pattern is completely embedded with another character pattern, we should enlarge the appropriate size (0.2mm 0.4mm) of the light character pattern, and make it overlap with the darker color pattern. Otherwise, it will be easy to expose the background color in the printing process.

As for the number of shallower and color related, if the two color is the color, its overlapping part produces the black line, the effect is beautiful, should be as little as possible to expand.

5. The setting of the special color printing plate

Trademark, network printing, color, light over small (5 words following text), the fifth magnitude pattern, large area color, special effects, there are many high color purity, very bright colors and fluorescent color, transparent color, gold, silver and other special color, must use special color to produce. This must also be made to roll printing color. Because of the coarse particles and other reasons, the general pearlite ink, gold ink and silver ink should not be printed with light net.

6, color sequence arrangement

In general, the print is from dark to light, while the print is printed with light color and dark color. The two seem to be different from the human eye, which is exactly the same order, that is, the first sight is dark. For color printing photos, colors should be continuous printing, not in the clip or other color, is not conducive to the primary overprint and each layer of ink mix, print photos will be less plastic gravure printing color sequence is generally K, 1, 2, 3, for C, M, Y K. Special products can be treated with special treatment. The gold is usually first or second colors, and the silver is usually the last color (other places can be placed according to the special needs). Spot color (especially large area background) is usually placed between black and blue, which enables large area of special background to go through more printing units, ensuring that the ink layer is fully dried, which helps to reduce residual solvents. Of course, special needs can be placed in other locations. For example, some designs have dark veins on the special background, so the special background must be placed after C (blue), M (red) and Y (yellow) color.

7, the share of the printing plate

In order to save cost, most of the same series of products will have a common version, which pages can be shared? In general, it is necessary to consider the following factors to determine whether the plate can be shared.

When the white plate is shared, it is considered whether the shape of the hollow is the same, and whether it is white in the light point of the bag.

The silver version of common to see whether there is a small silver word, is consistent with the border line shape, the registering order of color consistency. The common version also requires the consistency of the color serial number. The lower edge of the first color mark block is aligned with the lower edge of any light point. The weekly, plate length and pattern must be consistent.

8, the design principle of vertical and horizontal pattern

We should pay special attention to the fact that we should not be too dense in pattern and line at a certain location in the longitudinal direction. Otherwise, even when printing, the position will produce strong ribs, and the pressure will cause the ink to be sticky. At this time, we can use appropriate hanging net to reduce the thickness of the ink layer. If the art designer does not consider the error in the bag making and cutting process, it will make the bag making and cutting difficult.

Around the compound bag should be designed as a similar color or transparent, if the bags or roll down about the color difference, in the vertical and horizontal layout, there will be obvious contrast at the imposition. Because the cutting of bag making machine, Slitter and automatic packer can not be absolutely accurate. Generally, there is a deviation of more than 1mm, so the bag or the cut film can be cut.