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  • How to deal with the problem of printing color difference in2018-03-15

    Bright colors and bright patterns are the basic requirements of food packaging bags. How to avoid deviations between printed products and design manuscripts must first identify the causes leading to chromatic aberration and suit the remedy to the case…

  • How much knowledge does the intaglio printing machine know ab2018-03-15

    The accuracy of film printing is the pursuit of many manufacturers, high quality, high precision is not just talk about, this is more exquisite. The high quality of the product must be less than the high quality of the equipment, so what is the accura…

  • Future development of packaging and printing industry2018-03-15

    Slow in stabilization, good stability is the central economic work conference basic judgment on the macroeconomic situation, the overall tone of the work is steady. In 2018, the printing industry was naturally running under this framework, and the sup…

  • There is a mystery in the design of the gravure manuscript, a2018-03-15

    [introduction] simply, intaglio manuscripts do not know to pursue aesthetic, artistic, and more important is to facilitate the printing of intaglio, save the cost of printing. There is a trick to do this. [text] 1, shallow network deepened in gravure …

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