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Future development of packaging and printing industry
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Slow in stabilization, good stability is the central economic work conference basic judgment on the macroeconomic situation, the overall tone of the work is steady. The printing industry in 2018 naturally runs under this framework. The supply side reform is bound to continue, and since the packaging and printing industry has been listed as a pilot to collect volatile organic pollutants, the integration efforts will further intensify. Accordingly, the adjustment and integration of the printing industry is still the main theme of the 2018 printing industry.

I say "still", since the 2008 global economic crisis, the printing industry is always in the adjustment and integration, the number of the number of enterprises and practitioners gradually decline; publications printing and packaging printing in the printing of the proportion of the total amount of up and down; environmental protection of the "Damour Damocles" hanging on, or governance, or move, or exit, the enterprise must make their own choice; the production process also changes, relative flexo and digital printing environmentally strong, letterpress printing down; "green, digital, intelligent, integration of the road has become the industry consensus, in machine generation, production of intelligent road last, some enterprises made gratifying pace...... These conditions will continue in 2018.

The increase in the proportion of the packaging and printing market

Statistics show that in recent years, the number of printing enterprises has been reduced, from 10.5 in 2014 to 10.1 in 2016, and 4 times in two years. The overall strength is not large. According to the law of market development, it is imperative to get a new round of supply and demand balance by eliminating some backward production capacity or the enterprises which are difficult to meet the standard of environmental protection.

Among them, the output value of publications may continue to decline. Because in this business accounted for the largest newspaper circulation did not stop as desired and the book volume decline, although increased slightly, but the publishing industry is facing increasingly serious inventory situation could also restrict its development.

The packaging and printing continued to rise. With the success of a number of personalized label pioneers such as Coca-Cola, Oreo and Jiang Xiao Bai, the number of personalized labels in the new year is expected to increase. From this perspective, printing enterprises are very important for providing labels to users, which can help products to enhance market influence and promote sales. Business is not entirely from capacity and quality, but from marketing planning, to make up this short board as soon as possible is an important issue for many printing enterprises.

The growth of digital printing process

Digital printing with the characteristics of on-demand, instant and variable will continue upward on the existing basis, but this is a gradual process, and distance is far away from the market protagonist like offset printing or gravure printing. The personalized market needs to be nurtured. Digital printing equipment is still in the process of continuous improvement. The business mode that suits individual needs needs to be groped in practice. When these problems are basically solved, digital printing is likely to usher in an outbreak.

2016 "drupa printing industry leader said can be said to be the catalyst for this round of digital printing hot, almost all of the traditional printing equipment manufacturers are involved in this field, perhaps this is the direction of development of the printing industry in the next step. In 2017, more traditional printing enterprises attended the digital printing professional meetings to understand the development status of digital printing, and more manufacturers began to enter the field of digital printing equipment, consumables R & D and production.

From the actual situation, in addition to the rise of electronic invoices and the acceptance of electronic documents by building drawings, the other two areas that initially used digital printing technology appeared business downturn, but other areas are still on the rise stage, but the growth rate is fast and slow. For example, in the field of commercial printing is not obvious increase in building decoration, textile printing, label printing field is developing very fast, because some new technology can better meet the ever-changing market demand, either because of environmental factors, while others have relatively high cost of production capacity to digest. The application of digital printing in more fields and more materials will continue in 2018.

Adjustment and consolidation

Adjustment and integration will be the main theme of the printing industry in the 2018, but there is a great difference between them. Adjustment generally refers to the internal integration of enterprises, and from this perspective, the intensity of adjustment is bound to be greater than that of integration, because this involves every business. Only in accordance with the trend of the development of the enterprise space, otherwise only from the imagination, the concept of the idea is difficult to achieve the ideal result.

The internal adjustment of the enterprise involves a wide range of aspects, including market positioning, business development direction, production technology and so on. It is difficult to maintain, opt out or acquired by others is also a kind of adjustment, individual enterprises have sufficient funds in the machine generation, links and other aspects of things out of the pace, for small and medium-sized enterprises, should according to their own strength, conscientiously carry out the cost comparison timely and appropriate to make a choice, to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

In 2018, will increase efforts to integrate the printing market choice, mergers and acquisitions to expand its production capacity, more is to rely on the platform of the enterprise net to play the overall advantages on its own. However, no matter what way, the integration of the later digestion and management concept is very heavy, can not complete this step, the integration work can not be finished.

As an indispensable part of the society, we should seize the opportunity to complete the adjustment and integration of enterprises, and contribute to the progress of the society in a more positive manner.